Mother nature

Mother nature

Halong bay dream

Halong bay dream


We Are Still Standing

We are still standing.

Strong, sturdy, bent but not broken.

Protesting the establishment.

Becoming the establishment.

Blowing up the establishment.



Speaking truth to power with our iron will.

So that possibilities take root.

So that we re-imagine and re-build.

We are still standing.


Determined, purposeful, full of wonder and wildness.

Demanding depth.

Making a mark that makes a difference. Even if it’s just on our own souls.

Knowing beauty and perfection are elusive and superficial.

Yet longing for them.

We are still standing.


Holding on to the principles of kindness, compassion, justice for all.

Bending in to see new perspectives.

Rusty, ragged, misshapen.

Sharp without sharp edges.

Reveling in the beauty of this day.

We are still standing.

Because our lives have purpose,

we are still standing.

  • Lois Kelly, July 2018


I must be a mermaid,

I have no

fear of depths,

and a great fear of



— Anais Nin