Never before have businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations so needed brave-hearted change makers who have the courage, skills and sense of responsibility to say “no” to what no longer works and create better ways to achieve meaningful goals.

Be a Change Maker: Master Class

In this high-energy, hands-on day,  strategist and Rebels at Work co-founder Lois Kelly teaches essential skills for leading change.  You and your team will learn:

  • Why and how to “read” the organizational environment so that you can more easily navigate politics, build support and position new ideas.
  • Your top intrinsic character strengths and how to use them to overcome obstacles, find more meaning in your work, and become a more effective leader. (A personalized assessment of your 24 strengths is included as part of the Master Class.)
  • How to position and communicate new ideas so they get attention and gain support.
  • How to deal with energy vampires so that your ideas move forward vs. getting derailed. These include: difficult conversations, bad bosses, unproductive meetings, and common excuses like “we don't have the resources for that.”
  • Why and how to create a psychologically safe work environment so that creativity, collaboration and diversity of ideas thrive.
  • Ways to build your resiliency so that you’re able to recover from setbacks, persevere amidst bureaucracy, and create a sense of well being for yourself and your teammates.

Today’s most effective leaders don’t worry about status, titles or the size of their compensation.

They’re focused on achieving meaningful goals and bringing greater humanity to the workplace.

They are change makers.


·      You know that your organization could be achieving more but you’re stuck.

·      You want more meaning in your work.

·      You’re frustrated with bureaucracy and the slowness of hierarchical management structures.

·      You aspire to become a person or team who makes meaningful change happen.

·      You’ve tried to introduce new ideas and they just haven’t gotten traction.

·      You’re starting to feel burnt out and want to reclaim your energy and sense of purpose at work.

·      Your board keeps talking about being more innovative and agile and “failing fast” but you’re not sure how to do that.

·      You and your leadership team are looking for an alternative to your usual offsite planning event.

·      Your project team isn’t making as much progress as you’d like and you want a way to bring the team together to learn how to achieve more, more easily.

The ability to lead change has become an essential competency for everyone in today’s unpredictable and increasingly non-hierarchical world.

Whether you’re 24 or 64, don’t wait to be “named” a leader or be given permission to introduce a new idea or program.

For more information on bringing the program to your organization, contact Lois:, 401-333-5464.