1.    The cure for complacency is disruption and joy. It’s so easy to fall into complacency. At work. In relationships. With how we see life. Complacency robs our sense of adventure, creativity and possibilities. When we shake ourselves awake in playful, creative ways we start seeing our work and our lives with fresh eyes.  I love "disrupting" people and organizations to re-awaken their sense of wonder and energy, and to see one another's differences as strengths.

2.    The best gurus we’ll ever find are our own fear, anger and sense of wonder. We can let these emotions intimidate us and shut us down. Or we can learn from them, as if they were people. Why are you showing up now? What do you have to say to me? What can I learn from you?  They’re remarkably talkative and honest when we confront them. Most importantly, they are powerful motivators. They lovingly kick us in the ass, reminding us what we really care about. They make us more alive to possibilities and a sense of wonder.

3.    Resiliency helps us navigate the shitstorms. Really caring can be exhausting.  Constant demands from bosses, new assignments, organizational changes, challenging deadlines, needy teammates, relentless emails, never feeling like we’re finishing anything…they suck our energy.  Never mind what happens at home.  We will never be able to control these external demands and surprises. It's a waste of our energy to even attempt to control them. The cure is to develop resiliency so we can control how we show up in the face of craziness.

4.    The most unselfish thing we can do is to be kinder and more compassionate to ourselves.  Oh baby, we are so hard on ourselves. Our inner critique is worse than the worse boss we’ve ever had.  I think Otis Redding meant to dedicate the song “Try A Little Tenderness” to each of us, urging us to be tenderer with ourselves,   appreciating the talents and potential we DO have vs. comparing ourselves to others. Or judging ourselves against some weird, crazy expectation of what we should be. Sure, there's always more to learn. But take a look and we have remarkable competencies and gifts already.   We are enough.

5.    Our innate character traits are powerful energy sources. When we get stuck in ruts or feel overwhelmed, these traits are standing by, ready to move us from now to next in almost effortless ways .When we use them we enter a magical flow where work and life feel lighter.  My top traits are honesty, appreciation of excellence, discipline, creativity and bravery.

6. No one trusts us until they know our story: Why we believe what we believe, and why we value what we value. Vulnerable, personal storytelling is an essential leadership strategy.

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