I wrote this manifesto, which has gone viral. It's another signal that   people yearn to work in courageous,  resilient work environments "with" vs. for their bosses.

Leaders come to me saying they want more employee engagement and empowerment, better cross-functional collaboration, faster decision making. A few have even said they want to win awards as great places to work.

When I scratch under the surface I find what they really want is a way to create cultures of courage and resiliency that people love being part of. 

Cultures where rebellious spirits feel supported and appreciated for their ideas, honesty and commitment to going way beyond "pretty good." 

Cultures that attract amazing talent and out-perform industry competitors.

I do intensive training, teaching people how to grow their courage and resiliency through new personal and organizational habits/practices. 

All these practices are based in behavioral science and positive psychology.  All are easy-to adopt and turn into organizational habits. They change people's lives and their approach to work.

People are hungry to grow, contribute more and find more meaning and joy in work.

Let me show your team members how to thrive.

Then watch them start to move mountains for you.