Every team has strengths that are untapped. Ideas that never get heard. People who can contribute so much more.

Most teams at some point fall into ruts and lose sight of what's possible.  We start doubting ourselves and think that other companies and "experts" must be better than us. Or we blame our "stuckness" on budgets, bosses, bureaucracy, bad meetings or the annoying xyz department. Our organizational and individual self-esteem takes a dive.

I have worked with hundreds of teams in companies like FedEx, HP, SAP, Fidelity Investments, UBS, USAA and can tell you that there is always more potential in your organization than you realize. That you have amazing ideas waiting to be found. That you have teammates who can do more than they ever thought possible. That you can introduce and adapt to change with less anxiety and more optimism.

I help teams become greater. Rebel against what no longer works. Uncover new possibilities. Find energy in one another's strengths and differences.

Your company may not have one of those save-the-world purposes that make you jump out of bed in the morning. From my Fortune 500 client work, co-writing the best selling book "Rebels at Work" and studying Positive Psychology I know that you can find more meaning in your work by developing new habits, mindsets, and ways of working together.

Everyone wants to be heard, appreciated and contribute.

I'll help you create the conditions, habits and tools to do just that.

And oh what fun we'll have doing it.


Lois Kelly

Lois Kelly

Lois has a passion for uncovering “aha.” It conjures for me an image of the Fabulous Cannon of Aha, with Lois, smiling wryly, lighting the torch paper. The customer has three choices at the start of every day:

Lois can fire you from the cannon, you can fire her from the cannon, or you can both be fired from the cannon, and she will hold your hand the whole way.

The choice is yours! But here’s the thing: no matter which choice, it will work and it will be fun.

In the person-to-person economy, really knowing people is critical. You should know Lois Kelly.
— Jonathan Anthony, Charter Member, Change Agents Worldwide